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This is an easy fishing system with the optional addition of adding fish sprites to your game! You can either draw them yourself or purchase them...

Marisa Giancarla created a new group 1 year ago


Group for spanish-language discussion of RPG Maker

RPG Maker MV Tutorial: Add Shop NPC's!

RPG Maker MV Tutorial -Shop Making and Location

Marisa Giancarla is friends with kenku

KoTC Roguelike Visual Loot Drop System - Rpg...

https://castiger.itch.io/kotc-roguelike-loot-drop-systemFully Compatible with Yep Item Core, Yep Item Rename, Yep Item Discard will drop items...

MV Animations are BACK in New MZ Update! | RPG...

The download links are in this spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Xbevw96IUblD_OUsnoX7OqQIb7qRX8FW7NWR-Cw8s9c/edit#gid=0~ I can't...

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Test | RPG Maker MV Player

It's a test? Like & Subscribe #RPGMakerMV #Test https://store.playstation.com/#!/tid=CUSA00572_00

Epic Castle town tour! (RPG MAKER)

A tour of the ancient castle town of Gallelaon, for my upcoming project Astra Orbis! Apologies for the lag as my computer is not the greatest........

RPG Maker MV: Tips and Tricks to Design better...

In this video, we walk through some different things that you can do in RPG Maker MV to make your houses look better. Patreon:...

RPG Maker MZ With 3000+ Character Generator Parts

I spent around the past 4-5 days, just renaming all the character generator parts I had for MV & MZ. What you see in this video is a result of that....

Create Smoother Walk Animations for RPG Maker MV...

Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/hVVdm5Z A dozen thanks to Kensei for showing and sharing this method in his tweet:...

RPG Maker MV - Nintendo Switch - Signs & Main...

Welcome to Open Every Box ! Welcome to my series for RPG Maker MV - on the Nintendo Switch . In this tutorial I am adding sign posts in the world,...

RPG Maker MV - Nintendo Switch Maps, world...

Welcome to Open Every Box ! Welcome to Open Every Box ! Welcome to Open Every Box ! This is part 4 of learning to build an epic rpg in RPG Maker MV...

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